I am still confused about the button and why every sink does not combine hot and cold water. How, how, can one properly regulate their water temperature? As of now, after a few hundred years, I guess we here are still working out the details.

So, now that I’m no longer a homeowner and get to live with a few dozen of my fellow students, I am blessed with a new facet of community living: the 7 a.m. fire drill. I was awakened by one day last week. It was obnoxious and scared the living crap out of me, but, as they say, safety first.

One of the things that has given me joy is my St. Cross College community. I try to head up to the main building, or Lodge, a few times a week to show my face, study, and chat with my new friends. I’m still trying to develop new relationships, and I know I’m not alone in this pursuit, but it takes time. This week and last week the college invited new students to attend welcome dinners. It was a socially distanced affair and quite an event. Yes, I literally wore this, and for those of you who know me, you know that I enjoyed tying up the bow tie and putting on a suit again. We were required to wear sub fusc, academic robes and a black suit, for dinner. Here I am, a guy from Shorewood and Philadelphia, mingling with so many kind people with such big brains, it is humbling. Dinner, which was served, began and ended with a Latin prayer from the Master who is the head of the college.


After lunch one day this week, I sat down in the common room, and Dennis who is from Slovakia, turned out a tea set, hot water, and more tea knowledge than I knew was a thing. So, after he talked about the tea and its origin, I was honored to take a taste. By the way, only a savant has a portable tea kit. I was impressed and signed up for his tea tasting club when the CARONA calms down.

The Things Cameron Has Seen Waking Around

Just your average trash truck.

This is a 10 minute walk from my flat on the roundabout on the way to college.

I’ve walked by this a few times, but the other night it was lit up. I think this is an air quality monitoring station or some kind of alien communications station.

I often exaggerate, but I SWEAR these crisps are not good. They are not great. These things are just the most delicious things EVER. I’m stunned and hope that the crappy chicken sandwich that I had today, see below, can get together with these to make something amazing.

I’m somewhat interested, and yet equally concerned about the safety of eating here. It is, with all the LED lights and music, quite tempting.

He is campaigning here?

Happy Halloween!

Many years ago, James and I stumbled onto this square, which was a full blown market at the time. Sadly, it is not the same with more take away meals because of COVID, but how can one hate a cheese stand?

Yep, you know all about these taxis.

I guess this is where I should have gone during my fire drill.

I love the brick work.

So cool, let’s go green!

France? Nope, just down the street.

I applaud the signage, but when brick paving stones get wet they are, basically, a sheet of glass. I have nearly blown out a knee trying not to fall and have seen at least three people eat the pavement, it is a test of balance and agility when it rains.

This is St. Mary’s College, and it is amazing. I love the stars painted on the ceiling. I literally tripped over the monuments and memorials in the church.

This mosque is just down the street. This area is so diverse and multi-cultural. When I walk to college I pass French, Lebanese, German, Moroccan, Spanish, and Egyptian shops and people. For me, that makes me feel at home. The mosque is also near a health center and a community garden.

Orwellian? Terrifying? Does it even work? What are all the boxes for?


Sigh. Really? This was my deconstructed chicken sandwich. Those pickles, SMH, I so need to find a good pub.

I, thanks to the wealthy benefactors from NJ who sent me pots and pans as a house warming gift, have started food shopping. I walked into a shop near my flat and fell in love with the smells, food, spices, and people. Sadly, I still don’t have knives, a cutting board, or spices; but, rest assured, will soon be back cooking. I mean COME ON how can one pass this freshness up?

My view outside my kitchen window.

I’ve not had them yet, so I’ll update you soon.

Plasters = band aids

I find this so interesting, not the same size, not the same color, but the same taste.

I am somewhat unclear how this is possible — 1480?

Just people walking by in tails and top hats.

Do you see it? Look closely. I can’t deal with the madness.