Teaching Portfolio

Teaching Statement

As an educator, my teaching philosophy is grounded in inclusivity, engagement, and the desire to create unique learning opportunities. I am committed to fostering an educational environment where all students feel valued and empowered. My approach combines rigorous scholarship and mentorship with innovative teaching methods to make the curricula accessible, relevant, additive, and transformative. Central to my teaching philosophy is that history should be relatable, reflexive, and diverse while highlighting silenced and marginalized voices. I strive to create a dynamic classroom through:

  • Clear learning objectives and expectations, syllabi, lectures, and supporting primary and secondary sources,
  • Diverse and relatable perspectives so all students feel comfortable sharing their viewpoints. I use discussion-based learning and collaborative projects to encourage students to engage with different perspectives and critically evaluate historical narratives,
  • The recognition of the diverse learning needs of my students. I employ various teaching strategies to accommodate different learning styles. This includes using multimedia resources, hands-on activities, embracing learning differences and leveraging appropriate accommodations, and employing flexible assessment methods, and
  • Active learning techniques such as role-playing, debates, and simulations to immerse students in historical scenarios. This approach not only makes learning dynamic, but it helps my students embrace the course‚Äôs materials, develop critical thinking and communication skills, and encourages them to become historians themselves while appreciating the interconnectedness of history and their place in it.